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The Salmon Prize project is a race to discover, predict and conserve Pacific Salmon returns. Teams will submit their predictions of salmon run trends. The teams with the most accurate prediction models will win cash prizes.

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2024 Sockeye International
$5,000 in prizes available for 3 major systems
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2024 Sockeye International timeline

The 2024 Sockeye International competition covers 14 unique Sockeye runs within three major systems: Columbia River, Fraser River and Bristol Bay. This competition is designed to see which Team can best predict the number of returning Sockeye from these runs.

Registration starts Apr 27, 2024 Teams submit their hypotheses and predictions
Predictions Due Jun 30, 2024 All predictions are due by this date, and judging will begin shortly thereafter
Final Winners Announced Mar 10, 2025 The teams that best predict salmon runs will win cash prizes!
Predictions will be unveiled on Jun 30, 2024 at Vancouver, BC
Livestream registration link will be made available for all participants to watch

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